3 Tips To Give Your Kitchen An Affordable Makeover

For many homeowners, there is a debate about the value of gutting your kitchen for a makeover.   As we previously noted, you should only choose to replace when repair costs exceed 50% of the value of your appliances. So, there is a lot you can do with the kitchen you have now.

There is also a debate about remodeling versus a complete kitchen makeover when wanting to sell a home. The average cost of a full kitchen makeover is $22,292. Whether remodeling for personal use or sale, you do not have to invest thousands of dollars to beautify your kitchen. Here are three tips to give your kitchen an affordable makeover worth every dollar you invest.

  1. Think Value Before Aesthetics

When homeowners think about makeovers, there is an immediate thought toward upgrading appliances to attain a beautiful, new aesthetic. When thinking about affordability, you should first think about what is usable, repairable, or replaceable.

  1. Upgrade Cabinets

Many times, people need additional space, so it makes sense to think about cabinet replacement. You can achieve the same value by renewing cabinets and adding changing a few minor things about the cabinets you have now. You can also go for functionality.

  • Paint: If you want to renew the beauty of your kitchen, paint is a good place to start. Use a variety of semi-gloss colors that bring out the kitchen’s interior.
  • Install Lighting: Adding cabinet task lighting is all about usability and practicality. It also helps to modernize your kitchen affordably.
  • Remove the doors: Convert your cabinets to open shelving. It adds space while also making them more functional and modern.
  • Reface your cabinet doors with glass or other material inserts. With LED task lighting, it will also add an element of class and style to your kitchen.
  • Space is always an issue: Instead of customizing a new kitchen for functionality, install roll-out shelving in your bottom cabinetry. Installation is easy and will significantly cut away unnecessary costs when buying customized shelving.
  • Add crown molding to accentuate the new renovations you made. Not only will it beautify your cabinets, but it will also enhance the new paint colors and shelving.
  • Add a spice rack on the inside of your cabinet shelving to increase spacing.
  • Replace the cabinet hardware. New metallic fixtures will significantly help to pull together all the new color palettes since it is a versatile color that blends well.
  1. Repair Appliances Over Replacing Them

Make the most of your budget by repairing appliances over replacing them. Adding new coils, knobs, and handles will help upgrade your appliances and extend their usage. You can also install a built-in microwave over the stove or in a cabinet to give your kitchen a functional facelift. The average cost is only about $140 when you hire a handyman.

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