You probably don’t think much about how much your freezer can assist you, other than by storing frozen pizzas and popsicles. By utilizing the possibilities your freezer provides, it can help save you time and money, and also make life more convenient for you, especially when juggling a busy schedule.

  1. Keep your freezer organized for best results.

Keeping your freezer organized is important because it allows all of your food to stay in a frozen state at all times. It also lets you take advantage of all the space your freezer offers. While you can purchase special racks and boxes to organize your freezer if you want, it’s generally not necessary. Stack like items together. If your items are in big, bulky boxes, try removing them to make more room. When placing items in freezer bags, lay them flat first to allow them to freeze that way, then stack them upright together. Before you start meal prepping, be sure to assess whether you have a reasonable amount of space in your freezer to fit the items inside.

  1. Utilize your freezer space for meal planning and prepping.

Double your recipes for dinner and freeze them for use later to build up a convenient stockpile. This is great for busy families and also for those trying to meal prep to lose weight. Meals can be frozen in disposable aluminum trays and then stacked in an orderly fashion. There are many guides online that give you in-depth instructions for different methods of how to meal plan and prep, and with some searching and experimentation, you’re sure to find one that works for your household. Whether your goal is to make weeknight dinners easier or to lose weight, you can find a plan that fits your life and your freezer space.

  1. Cook food in bulk and portion out to save for later.


Along the same lines as the first tip, you can also freeze individual foods. This is especially helpful for meats and other costly items, as you can buy them in bulk when they go on sale and then cook them, portion them out for later use, and freeze them. Both plastic and glass containers work for this, including plastic bags, but make sure you purchase ones that are specifically for the freezer. By preparing these ingredients in bulk

  1. Prevent freezer burn by keeping the freezer’s temperature stable.

With all these foods in your freezer, you’ll want to make sure to do everything you can to prevent freezer burn and other food spoilage issues. Keep all items tightly sealed when they are in the freezer. Freezer burn is an all-too-common affliction that can befall frozen food items. It’s not dangerous, however, freezer burn completely spoils the taste of the item, whether it be meat or vegetables or ice cream. The process of freezer burn involves the water of the item being drawn out of the food and onto the surface, where it refreezes.

To prevent freezer burn, your best defense is to keep the temperature in your freezer as stable as possible. Don’t leave the freezer door open for any longer than you have to, and don’t open and close it multiple times when it is not needed. Don’t allow items to thaw and then refreeze, which is just asking for freezer burn. Don’t change the temperature of your fridge and freezer too often. Never place hot or warm items directly into the freezer; allow them to mellow out to a lukewarm temperature on the counter first.

  1. Freeze chopped vegetables and herbs when they are in season.

Buying vegetables and fruits out of season can result in a major spike on your grocery bill. By buying these items when they are in season, you’ll usually be paying much less and have produce that is in far better condition. Fruits should be soaked in a sink full of water with a splash of vinegar and then dried before being frozen. Larger fruits like bananas can be chopped up and stored in smaller portions. With vegetables, it’s generally recommended to blanche them first. Chop up your vegetables into small, even portions, then place them in a pot full of boiling water for a few minutes. Drain well, wait for them to cool, and then portion them out and freeze them.

If you implement these easy tips, you’ll probably be paying a lot more attention to your freezer than before. Make sure to give your freezer’s performance an assessment every once in a while. If you find that items are incurring freezer burn, are freezing too hard, or on the opposite end, aren’t getting cold enough, give CS Appliance Service a call at (781) 953-9600.