5 Questions To Ask When Hiring An Appliance Repair Company


If you have ever googled “Appliance Repairman Near Me” or “Appliance Repair In Greater Boston and Boston North” area, you know that the internet does not always deliver what the algorithm said. Here are five questions to ask when hiring an appliance repair company.

  1. Is The Company Available For Repairs?

Timeliness is an issue when your food is spoiling or clothes are stacking up. It is always best to ask about a company’s availability before proceeding with any other questions. While repair companies try to be on-hand when needed, families often do not know they need services until after trying an appliance after weather patterns tend to change. CS Appliance works hard always to be available when our customers need us.

  1. What is The Experience With Repairing Appliance Brand

You should always ask about the model, make, and year experience because a single brand has lots of upgrades and add-ons that change the repair requirements. Not all companies are equal when it comes to the knowledge needed to make such repairs. Our technicians have more than thirty years of experience in both maintenance and repair, and our technicians continue learning to stay up-to-date on newer model repair needs.

  1. Is The Company Licensed And Insured?

You should always make sure a repair company has both a business license and insurance. While nothing tends to go wrong, you do not want to wait until it does to find out you chose a company or contractor that is not licensed or insured. Strict adherence to local and state regulations and safety standards are indicators that you are dealing with a credible appliance repair company. Insurance not only protects the repair experts, but it also protects the homeowner which provides you with a sense of security of the what-if.

  1. Does An Estimate Cover Parts And Labor?

Reputable repair companies will always give you a clear indication of upfront costs which should include labor and repair materials. You should always take the time to discuss estimate prices and any other fees that will be tacked on to the end. Companies will charge a service fee to cover time and travel expenses which is normal. That said, you would never want to get to the job completion to find out your rates doubled because the original quote did not include hourly labor or service fees.

  1. What Are The Policies For Work Completed?

Reputable companies will give you an up-front idea of any policies that affect your repair. Understanding rates, service guarantees, and repair requirements build trust and respect which means that customers will likely contact the same company again when satisfied with the repair service received. CS Appliance’s business model is to provide high-quality, affordable service based on five principle business practices:

  • Superior Service
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Promptness
  • Responsibility

If you would like more information about our company, you can fill out our contact form or email us at info@csapplianceservice.com. For appliance repairs, please call 781-941-2422. We are also available on Facebook where you will find more information on the services we provide.