5 Things to Know About Washing Machine Repairs

Washing machines are a convenience we cannot live without.  They make life easier and save us a lot of time.  Maintaining yours will help you avoid paying for washing machine repairs. If the timer is breaks on washing machine it’s a serious problem.  The timer tells the machine how long to wash a load of laundry.  You either push or pull the start button and the machine prepares to wash the load inside.  The start button connects to wires within the machine. This affects the how long the machine will wash clothes.

A damaged knob may occur from rough use or some other cause. A professional should repair it.  In this case, a repair person has training and technical knowledge to fix the unit. This kind of repair is best left to a repair specialist because it involves wiring.

If you find the interlocking door doesn’t open you can fix this.  When the door doesn’t release you can’t get your laundry out.  The locking feature is also there for safety.  If you open the door while the machine is running through a cycle you could flood your floor.

Troubleshoot washing machine repairs in your owner’s manual.

The interlocking mechanism helps prevent children from accidentally getting inside the washer.

This issue can be fixed if you press cancel or reset and wait a few seconds.  Once the machine drains it should unlock within a few minutes.  If it has trouble draining it will delay the machine from unlocking.

It can happen that your washing machine is dead even though it has power, but won’t wash. You will want to determine if the water supply hoses are hooked up.  If the valves in the hoses are not open or open enough this affects the water flow.  Unscrew them from the washing machine to see if they are working.  It could also be that until the machine reaches a certain fill level it won’t start.  A quick review of the owner’s manual can help troubleshoot these kinds of scenarios.

Too much sudsing could be due to  over filling the machine. Or you may be using the wrong kind of detergent for your specific model or because you have soft water.  You don’t need a lot of detergent when washing with hot water or soft water.  Hard water and cold water use more.  You can pick up a kit at your local Home Depot or Lowes to test your water and see if it is hard water.

Whenever possible check your owner’s manual for troubleshooting suggestions.  When that doesn’t work and you can’t find solutions online you’ll want to call professional help.  Service repair specialists can help troubleshoot problems and install replacement parts if needed.

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