Appliance Brands With The Best And Worst Ratings

We repair multiple brands every day. Reliability is of importance to every one of the owners. We decided to compile a list of the appliance brands with the best and worst ratings based on Consumer Affairs complaints and Better Business Bureau ratings by consumers.

  1. Viking (3.9 CA Ranking / BBB: A+)

Viking has a great reputation with consumers as a top-notch appliance maker. Viking produces ranges, ovens, ventilation, refrigerators, and cookware. Issues include:

  • No parts available for repairs
  • Cheaper parts that do not last long
  • Metal sheet cracks
  • Unclear customer service information about repair rates
  • Slow repair times with warranties
  1. General Electric (3.7 CA/ A+ BBB Rating)

GE produces refrigerators, stoves, and smart technology. The company also lists their manuals online which is of value when researching appliances. Issues include:

  • Backordered parts which delayed repair
  • Not cooling or freezing
  • Noisy
  • Stopped working after only a few months
  • Warranty department never called back about a broken
  • Microwave handle broke right after purchase.
  • Broken control panel after short usage time
  1. KitchenAid (3.7 Rating / BBB: A+ )

KitchenAid is a major producer of kitchenware and countertop appliances including baking and cookware accessories. Customers ratings include:

  • Bad customer service reviews
  • Issues with broken accessories upon delivery
  • Multiple issues within a year of purchase
  • Re-engineered aftermarket parts
  1. Kenmore (3.6 CA / BBB: B+)

Kenmore has been making appliances for more than a century which is why more than 100 million homes use this brand. It prides itself on its innovative product development which is why it is a highly regarded company in the industry. Issues include:

  • Repair times for warrantied appliances took too long.
  • Inability to get discontinued replacement parts from the
  • Poor quality and craftsmanship
  • Breakage within months are several years of purchase
  • Repairs were too expensive through the
  1. Whirlpool (2.6 CA ranking / BBB: A+)

Whirlpool makes a variety of products including kitchen appliances and washers and dryers. The company also sells parts and accessories. Issues that consumers had include:

  • Door cable failed
  • Ice maker failure within months of purchase
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Quit working within a few years of purchase
  • Rusting
  1. Frigidaire (1.9 Rating / BBB: Unranked)

Frigidaire produces a wide range of appliances including refrigerators, stoves, ranges, microwaves, and dishwashers. Reported consumer issues include:

  • Ice maker leaked or broke within months of purchase.
  • Wrong parts received after calling the service department
  • Ink on hardware faded.
  • Repair issues with warranty providers
  • Water inlet valve broke within 30 days of purchase.
  1. Maytag (1.3 CA / B- BBB Rating)

With over a century of business experience, Maytag produces kitchen appliances, ranges, dishwashers, and washers and dryers. Issues that customers experienced include:

  • Poorly built machinery
  • Multiple breakage issues
  • The washer has problems getting clothes clean.
  • Defective Fridge Parts
  • Noisy

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