Appliance Repair: Early Warning Signs

We often take our household appliance for granted, never giving them a second thought. That is, until they break down. Then we’re left in a lurch trying to find a work-around which often leaves us frustrated and frazzled. Perhaps your dishwasher breaks so you have to wash dishes by hand, or maybe your dryer stops working and you’re stuck with a pile of wet clothes that will quickly mildew.

Every one of us has had an appliance break down at the most inopportune times. The key to keeping these modern conveniences in working order is to identify the warning signs. Today, let’s look at a few of the more common signs for some of your most prized machines.

The machine does not turn on—First, check the circuit breaker and make sure the appliance is properly plugged in. If the machine is still not getting power, call an appliance technician. Do not use an extension cord as this can become an electrical hazard.

Strange sounds—Most of the time, the white noise from our appliances goes unnoticed. Only when it stops working altogether, or a new noise sounds, do our ears perk up trying to locate the source. Clunking, thudding, or a different sound can indicate that the motor or internal components are starting to wear down or break. By calling a repair technician when you first hear these sounds, you’ll reduce the risk of the machine stopping entirely.

Higher utility bills—If your water, gas, or electric bills start to go up, you may have a malfunctioning appliance. Leaking hoses from a dishwasher or washing machine that go unnoticed can tack on higher costs to your utility bills. Gas leaks are often noticeable, and should be addressed immediately. A maintenance check can help your appliance keep functioning optimally.

Smells or odors—Overheating motors and coils can create a burning smell or smell like something is ‘hot.’ This early warning sign helps you detect an appliance that will most likely stop working very soon. If something smells like it is burning…and it isn’t your dinner…stop using the appliance immediately and call a repair specialist. Continued use will result in a fire.

These warning signs are the most obvious at a high level overview, but ultimately, your individual appliances may have additional warning signals specific to their type. The benefit of calling a repair company like CS Appliance Service is that we can help diagnose the issue and save you the cost and hassle of having to replace your machine.

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