Are Washer And Dryer Repairs More Expensive For All-In-One Combos?

If you are debating buying side-by-side appliances or all-in-one combos, it is essential you take the time to think about the cost of usage, upkeep, or washer and dryer repairs. Over the last few decades, consumers preferred side-by-side washers and dryers, but all-in-one combos are becoming more popular because the smart appliances are more efficient and time-saving than their counterparts. So, will all-in-one combo washer and dryer repairs cost you more money?

What Is An All-In-One Washer And Dryer?

An all-in-one washer and dryer offers a few vital benefits. First, they are energy efficient, so you are going to save a lot of money long-term. You can also receive tax credits, whether you are a home or business owner. It’s a tremendous incentive to invest, and although appliances cost more upfront, the money you save from energy conservation over the lifetime of the machine is enormous. You also only use one machine, so you save space, energy, money, and lots of time.

All-In-One Washer And Dryer Repairs

If your all-in-one washer and dryer breaks, it’s advisable to have it repaired because it has newer technology that likely has lots of life remaining. It is also probably still under warranty. The average price for an all-in-one washer and dryer repair is typically between $100 and $500, depending on the repair. Here are the most common washer and dryer repair issues we receive.

  • Drain Failure:

If your pump is not draining, we likely need to clean the pump or replace it. It will enhance appliance performance and will save you more energy on your utility bills.

  • Shaking:

If your washer dryer combo is shaking and leaking water, your appliance is most likely just off-balance. You can check your load to see if it is unbalanced. If the machine itself if shaking, we advise you to buy anti-vibration feet. Of course, you can call us if you are unsure of the problem as we can do an appliance check-up and fix the shaking.

  • Mechanical Issues:

Unlike the other problems on the list, mechanical or technical issues can be more costly because this is where consumers tend to pay for more expensive parts. Something like a belt realignment and worn or broken hoses won’t be too costly to fix, but an agitator or a motor issue is more serious issue and must be repaired for a washer or dryer to work.

  • Technological Issues:

Error codes let you know what issue is going on, but you don’t necessarily need to call for repairs before trying to reset your appliance. First, check your machine’s user manual to locate a list of error codes. Then, turn the device off, unplug it, and then turn off the breaker. Hold down the Start button for five seconds. Restore the power and check to see if the code still displays. If so, call to set up a service check-up or repair appointment.

As shown, all-in-one washer and dryer repairs are no more costly than other models. Contact us at (781) 953-9600 or at to get a low-priced fix.