Can A Faulty Appliance Use More Electricity? Things You Need To Consider

Do you often call your power company to ask, “Why is my electric bill so high?” It is normal to assume a billing error was made. The second thing homeowners tend to check is the meter and breakers. What is next? You need to switch your focus from the exterior to the interior. A likely culprit is a faulty appliance. Here are a few critical factors that every appliance owner must consider before deciding on the value of an annual safety and maintenance check.

How To Check For Faulty Appliances?

Do you know what home appliances use the most electricity? If the answer is no, call CS Appliance Service to provide appliance maintenance checks to make them energy efficient.

  • A home’s cooling and heating system takes up half of your monthly energy usage. It is the first thing you can reduce to lower your monthly utility bill. Filter changes and cleaning will also help.
  • Your water heater running full-time is about 15% of your bill. A 1500-watt heater costs about ten cents an hour to run. It would be well over one-hundred per month for one heater to run full-time.
  • A washer and dryer use about 13% of your bill.
  • Your light fixtures are responsible for 12% of monthly usage.
  • A refrigerator uses about 4% monthly.
  • Your cable and TV use about 2% of power.
  • Your dishwasher is about 2% of your bill.
  • An electric stove costs about .75 cents an hour to run. It is about 2% of your bill.

A faulty appliance will pull two to three times the power. A trick that your local power company will advise is to check each breaker to find the appliance that is pulling a lot of power. Then you will know which type of appliance repair service you need. Why should you call CS Appliance Service? As CS Appliance Service technicians repair refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers, we provide full maintenance that saves time, money, and energy.

Can A Faulty Appliance Use More Electricity?

If you experience a big jump in your usage from one month to the next, you must consider what has changed to decide if it is normal. You will know if you have lived in a place for a year. If this is your first few months in a home, you will have to figure it out. You should not wait until after a season ends to try DIY tricks as a faulty appliance is a serious fire hazard in your home.

Which Faulty Appliances Cause The Most House Fires?

I bet you think the stove causes the most house fires. Would you be surprised to learn that washing machines and dryers contribute to a fourth of all house fires? Dishwashers are responsible for just over 10% of house fires. Cookers, toasters, and microwaves combined cause 17% of fires. Refrigerators and freezers lead to about seven percent of yearly house fires followed by 5% for central air and heating.

Appliance maintenance checks yearly will make appliances safe and energy efficient. You can also call to schedule a faulty appliance check today at (781) 953-9600 or visit us on Facebook.