CS Appliance Service Loss Prevention Maintenance Check List For Businesses

Do you own a food service industry business? Do you perform daily DIY maintenance checks? While base maintenance checks reduce the need for costly repairs, an annual loss prevention maintenance check will extend the lifespan of commercial grade appliances by several years.  Here is our official CS Appliance Service Appliance Maintenance Checklist for businesses.

Loss Prevention Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean Your Appliances Regularly

Food droppings and grease drippings build-up easily in the foodservice industry. Daily maintenance checks of your appliances will prevent faulty wires, contamination, odors, and mold growth which will cause a health hazard. It will also reduce the customer experience food quality which will have a devastating effect on your business reputation.

  • Defrost Your Refrigerators Regularly

Commercial refrigerators must be defrosted and cleaned every three months. You will also need to remove and empty the drip pan as well to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

  • Check Each Appliance’s Settings

A simple DIY maintenance checklist task you need to complete regularly is verifying appliance’s settings to ensure they are working properly. Is your appliance’s temperature at a setting that optimizes energy efficiency? Is food spoiling quickly? you notice that the refrigerator temperature sensor is incorrectly functioning, promptly call a technician. Is your oven cooking food properly? Regularly checking the settings will ensure accuracy.

  • Reduce Overcrowding And Check Expiration Dates

Keeping your food waste costs low is a critical factor that affects revenue. Food supplies and leftovers easily get lost in an over-packed refrigerator or walk-in freezer. Packed food will also disrupt the normal airflow which will cause odors and harmful bacteria to grow. Follow the first-in-first-out rule by routinely checking expiration dates and food storage containers. Move the products to the front of the shelf to remind staff to use it.

  • Light Inspection

When the light remains on in your refrigerator, it will generate heat and cause an appliance to work two to three times harder to maintain a temperature setting.

  • Inspect Seals And Gaskets

Air leaks are major issues that must quickly be repaired to minimize power usage and energy efficiency. An annual inspection and replacement of door seals and gaskets will ensure your appliances are working efficiently all year long.  A replacement ensures your commercial refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher is maintaining temperatures as they should.

  • Clean Coils And Fan Blades

If your evaporator and condenser coils and fan blades are caked with dirt, it will affect your fridge from working properly. Not cleaning coils will hasten the need for repairs. Dirty fan blades will also cause your refrigerator’s motor to work overtime to rotate air.

  • Check Ice Maker

A primary reason that business owners receive health violations is for unsanitary icemakers. Have a technician disassemble and inspect the icemaker, check refrigerants, and inspect the motor and compressor for wear-and-tear. You will also want to inspect the drain and water lines as well as the electrical connections for proper usage.

A prevention maintenance checklist helps your commercial appliances remain energy efficient. Call us now to schedule appliance maintenance checks at (781) 953-9600 or visit Facebook.