Doing Refrigerator Repairs the Right Way

Refrigerator repairs should not have to cost a fortune.  Most families spend a fair amount of time and money purchasing this appliance.  They expect good service from their refrigerator for 10 to 17 years.

When your refrigerator freezes your food. 

First off, check the temperature dial.  Adjust the temperature and see if it makes a difference.  If not, look to the back of your refrigerator where the condenser coils are located. These coils cool your refrigerator.

Pull the refrigerator away from the wall to reach them.  Clean the coils if dust or debris is covering them.

If this doesn’t help you may need to get a technician to determine what the problem is.

Refrigerator repairs you can fix.

A leaky fridge is important to attend to right away.  Otherwise the leaking could cause water damage to your flooring.

Look to see if the condensing defrost tray is level underneath your refrigerator.  If it isn’t it could be the reason water is spilling over.  If the water leaks inside your appliance check the ice/water dispenser.  The ice/water dispenser may have a leak in its water line causing water to run into the refrigerator.

Purchase some flexible water supply tubes and “adapt-a-tee” fittings at your local hardware store.  The fittings are installed anywhere an existing shutoff valve is located.  This can fix the problem easily without too much effort or expense on your part.

The gasket has a weak seal that can be fixed.  The gasket is the rubber that seals the door when its closed keeping your perishables cold.  If you notice the door isn’t staying closed and nothing in the refrigerator is blocking it then you may have a weak seal.

Look closely for any damage to the seal.  If you don’t find any cracks you can simply cleaned it.  To do this loosen the screws and remove the seal.  Be careful when taking it out so as not to tear or damage it.

Go ahead and wash the gasket with soap and water.  Thoroughly dry it and then apply a thin layer of silicone grease.  Silicone helps preserve the gasket preventing cracks from forming.  It’s also inexpensive.

Reapply the gasket beginning with one corner working your way around.  Once it’s fastened back in place, test it and you should no longer have a weak seal.  If do find the seal has cracks the gasket will need replacing.

It’s ideal to check the refrigerator each year.  Be sure the coils are clean and nothing is obstructing them.  Check seals, temperature dials and the water line so nothing is broken, damaged or worn out.  If the problems, you experience are more involved than listed here call a technician.  This way you can get the refrigerator repairs you need and continue enjoying the use of your refrigerator.

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