Dryer Repair Tips to Keep Your Laundry Cycling Along

Most families are dependent on their dryers to dry their clothes.  Dryer repair is not anything you want to hassle with.  You want the dryer to work when it’s time to get the clothes dried. Dryers last a long time and they don’t often act up.  Yet there could come a time when the dryer isn’t working.  Here are some tips to help you identify the problem to fix or get a specialist to assist.

Clean the dryer vent.  You should plan on doing this once a year and more if you a lot of laundry.  You can clean the lint trap first and before anything else unplug the dryer.

If the dryer is heavy get help to pull it away from the wall.  Detach the tube from the dryer and with a vacuum cleaner nozzle clean out the vent.  Place the vacuum nozzle inside as far as you can to capture as much lint as possible.  When done reattach the tube and then plug in your dryer to begin using it.

Drum is making noise.  The drum is the main component of a dryer.  It’s where all your clothes go when you’re loading your dryer.  Problems with this part will make it difficult to get your clothes dried.

If it’s making loud noises it could be the belt.  It’s goes around the drum inside the machine and may have frayed or worn out.  Issues with a dryer drum involved electrical work.  When appliance repair requires electrical work it isn’t safe to attempt. Unless you are an electrician have a service repair specialist come out. This is the best thing to keep you and anyone you’re working with on the dryer safe from electrical injuries.

If you’re not sure about dryer repairs call a specialist.

Dryer isn’t heating up.  Check your settings.  It’s possible members of your household may have adjusted them to the “fluff” setting.  This setting blows air but no heat and won’t dry clothes.  If the settings were not changed it could be the electronic ignition.  It’s difficult to access this part.  Manufacturers want specialist to work on this function of the dryer.  Their trained to work on this type of specific repair.

There are not a lot of dryer repair issues to face.  It’s the nature of this particular appliance.  But, if you are handy with figuring the problem that can be useful to explain to a repair technician.  It is not always a good idea to do the work yourself.  The nature of most appliances is that when they do have problems it can be safer for you to hand that work off.  A specialist works on dryer repairs daily. So a trained repair person can assess your problem and fix it fast with minimal downtown of your dryer.

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