Easy Oven Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Oven repairs can come at the worst time.  They are the least expected appliance issue. Yet without a working oven it can be difficult to get dinner on the table.

Ovens do wear out over time.  When they do you may be able to do some do-it-yourself repairs to get your oven working again without spending a lot.  If these kinds of problems arise, you may have a way to fix them before calling in the professionals.

Door not closing or works hard.  Depending on the age of the oven its hinges are the problem.  They wear out over time.  This oven repair requires replacement of both hinges.  The reason is the tension springs must match so the door opens and closes without trouble.

Buy hinges for your particular model.  You’ll need to pry the locking tabs down and pull the door up and out.  Remove the inner door panel by loosening the screws.

With the inner door panel aside you can remove the screws securing the hinges and take them out.  Once you replace the hinges work backward reassembling the parts in the order removed. Tighten all the screws before putting the door back in place.

Certain oven repairs are handled best by professionals.

Oven is very hot or doesn’t warm up.  An oven has a sensor measuring the oven temperature. If the oven is not heating up or getting too hot for the temperature you selected than the sensor is the problem. You must shut the power off for this oven repair. Because of the nature of how this repair is done it’s good to unplug the appliance to avoid getting hurt.

Pull the oven away from the wall.  Remove screws from back panel to access sensor and disconnect wires from sensor.  Then unscrew the two hex head screws to remove the sensor.  Once the old one is out, put the new sensor in.  Tighten the screws, reconnect the wires and then screw the back panel into place.   When the oven is back in place, plug it in try it out.

Oven light doesn’t work.  Replacing the light is easy to do.  Take the bulb cover off and then remove the bulb itself.  Insert the new bulb for your oven model and you’re done.

These oven repairs are not too complicated to do.  Plan on spending an hour or so of your time to work on these kinds of repairs. They shouldn’t cost much to get done and by doing them yourself you can save hundreds of dollars.  You do want to be sure to buy the component for your oven brand and model so it’ll work.

And, while you can do these repairs some oven issues need special skills, tools and equipment.  When this is the case it’s good to hand those kinds of repair problems over to professionals.  They can fix the problem in minimal time.

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