Extend the Life and Usefulness of Your Dishwasher with Accessories

When you think of accessories, you probably think of a new Coach bag or Hugo Boss cufflinks, but your dishwasher “wears” accessories, too. In fact, you can help your dishwasher clean better and last longer by using the right accessories.

How the Right Accessories Help

Every appliance can last longer with the right regular maintenance. Replacing hoses according to the owner’s manual schedule may not seem vital, but it’s similar to the need to change a car’s oil regularly. The cleaning kits advertised also provide specific materials and chemicals designed for the dishwasher. Their composition won’t harm the interior surfaces, hoses or piping.

Other accessories, like baskets, bags and other interior organizers, ensure that small items, like baby spoons and demitasse cups stay put. Without these specially designed organizers items can come loose during the wash cycle and become trapped in the drain. That amounts to a broken dishwasher and you’ll need CS Appliance Repair to make a house call to fix it.

On the outside of the dishwasher, you can use accessories to mark whether the machine is empty or full and whether its contents are clean or dirty. They also provide a decorative element.

Shopping for Dishwasher Accessories

If you have a baby, toddler or preschooler in the house, your home needs a Dishtrick Baby Bundle for $19.99. Made by the name synonymous with dependability, Maytag, it fits all dishwashers, not just theirs. The Dishtrick snaps together in tiers, holding small items like baby bottle lids in one level with small cutlery in another.

The brand Prince Lionheart gives them a bit of competition with its Deluxe Infant Dishwasher Basket Combo for $25.99. It provides a size appropriate slot for each piece of a child-sized dishware set. The small, lightweight cutlery that comes with these sets often gets caught in the drain. The Basket Combo holds each firmly in place at the top though. It organizes the plate, bowl, cup and sippy lid in the bottom. It slips into the space between any two rows and for keeps your child’s dining set pristine while helping you avoid a service call. You can also save room on drying them by picking up the Prince Lionheart  Deluxe Drying Station for $38.99.

Use the Dishwasher Small Items Bag to keep expensive, small items from slipping down the drain in a similar disaster. It accommodates Grandma’s silver demitasse spoons, or the decorative pronged food handles you slide into the ends of a cob of corn. The tiny items you might think you must wash by hand, you don’t have to if you have this metal mesh bag that cost $37.99.

Do you wish you could just get your dishwasher to hold more? Maytag thought of that, too. Also, in its Dishtrick line is the Capacity Extension Bundle. Organize more dishes into your space for $17.99.

Don’t forget the outside of your dishwasher. Decorate it with a helpful magnet that indicates whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty. You’ll save money by ensuring no one runs the machine twice, cleaning already clean dishes. These little gadgets don’t cost much but they’re invaluable for making your dishwasher work better and last longer.

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