Fridge Smells Bad Even After Cleaning? 5 Top Causes of Fridge Odors

It takes one whiff to know something is not right inside your fridge. No matter how much vanilla, coffee grounds, or fridge odor removers you use, you just might need to a repair if your fridge smells bad even after cleaning. Here are the top five fridge odor causes to look out for.

  1. Bacteria, Yeast, And Fungi Growth

The food in your refrigerator has a pre-determined shelf life. While milk or meat has a short life in a cold temperature, items like butter or cheese could last months. What is a fact is that when your food leaves its natural environment, it starts to age and naturally grow bacteria, yeast, and fungi which leaves a musty smell inside your fridge. The best way to counteract it is by cleaning your refrigerator and removing expired products.

  1. Chemical Reaction Of Hot And Cold Foods

We have all opened our fridges to sample a leftover only to find it no longer smells or tastes the same way it did when hot. Did you toss it out thinking it no longer was any good? It turns out it is not spoilage. It’s just science. Can the temperature really make a difference? When food is heated, it causes a chemical reaction that changes the nutrients’ natural makeup which makes it easier for our bodies to digest. Instead of our stomachs breaking down cold, raw food, we gain far more energy by quickly absorbing nutrients, calories, and energy from cooked foods that do not require much acidic breakdown. When enclosed in your refrigerator, the look and smell are more intense and noticeable.

  1. Plastic Is A Fridge Odor Absorber

The world is in a food waste revolution in trying to reduce the 1.3 billion tons, including leftovers, that end up annually in landfills. While innovative storage is on the rise, plastic container manufacturing is a 38.97-billion-dollar and growing industry for a reason as they are efficient and affordable. While they are the go-to choice for consumers, this material is also a major fridge odor absorber that contributes to funky fridge smell. When washing plastic, try soaking them in vinegar, citrus, or baking soda to remove the odors.

  1. Moisture Control

Did you know that the moisture in your fridge controls more than food temperature? It also determines the cleanliness and health of your refrigerator as a damp or wet environment allows germs to flourish. You must also check below the trays as it is a prime spot for standing water which causes odors and microscopic organisms to grow. Try taking a dry rag and wiping down your shelving and walls if you notice moisture.

  1. Improper Air Circulation Or Temperature

Improper air circulation and temperature settings are definite issues that affect food spoilage. Your fridge temp should be between thirty-seven and forty-one degrees. Your fan should not be blocked and must constantly circulate air naturally. If your fan is not working properly or the temperatures are not properly keeping food cold, it will promote food loss odor. If your refrigerator odor occurs after a power outage, call a repairman quickly if your fridge smells even after cleaning or trying any of these home remedies.

If you notice that your fridge has horrid, permeating odors, do not panic. Try a good cleaning or any of the home remedy fridge odor removers. If you need an experienced fridge odor eliminator that delivers results, contact us at CS Appliance Service at (781) 953-9600 or on Facebook.