Getting Ready For The Holidays? 3 Reasons To Get Your Appliances Ready Too

It’s October which means that you and your appliances will soon be working overtime. Is your refrigerator in tip-top shape for all those extra shopping items your family recipes require? Is your stove ready for the long hours it takes to cook those holiday meals? Is your dishwasher ready for round-the-clock usage as those family members arrive from out-of-town? While you might not be, here are three reasons to call CS Appliance Service for a maintenance check-up.

  • House Fires Increase During Holidays

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, residential fires are two times more likely between October and December holidays than any other period. The USAF also reports that fatalities are 70% higher and property loss is 34% more than non-holidays.

Things You Can Do:

Always remove food spills after each stove use to prevent hard-to-clean stains. Do a full stove top and oven cleaning with either a self-clean method or oven cleaner before the holidays to ensure there is no food or grease build-up. This will optimize heavy usage.

With A Stove Or Oven Check-up:

Our technician will check electric coils or gas pilots to ensure proper usage and presence of fire hazards. Techs also check sensors and hardware for repair or replacement needs.

  • Food Spoils In As Little As Four Hours Without Power

According to, you need to discard certain refrigerated foods like meat, cheese, dairy, eggs, opened condiments, leftovers, and desserts after only four hours after the loss of power. While the average family spends about $180 a week for groceries, the amount of lost food purchased for a major holiday could well double the average cost.

Things You Can Do:

It is the perfect time to do a seasonal cleaning and dispose of outdated items. You can also replace your water filter and remove dust and debris from the refrigerator coils.

Things Our Tech Will Do:

Our certified technicians service refrigerators by checking the thermostat, sensors, condenser, evaporator drains, pans, fan motor, hinges, coils, door gaskets, and alignment.

  • Dish Duty Is The Number One Reason Couples Argue About Chores

According to data cited by The Atlantic, couples share chores but hate doing the dishes which is the most notable reason why they argue about household tasks. Now add the stress of Thanksgiving or Christmas and imagine your dishwasher breaks. The holidays are already stressful, so do your relationship a good deed and have the appliance serviced.

Things You Can Do:

Clean the filters. Run a cycle with a cup of vinegar to clean debris and calcium deposits.

Our Tech:

Have your dishwasher serviced to check the valves, seals, filters, hoses, gaskets, dispenser, float assembly, and leaky connections to the water supply. It extends usage.

The best news is that a maintenance check is affordable. You also do not want to experience an emergency holiday service repair need that disrupts your plans. Knowing your appliances have been serviced will give you the peace-of-mind that they are working properly when needed. For a maintenance check or repair, call (781) 953-9600 or contact us on our Facebook page.