When it comes to appliances, your refrigerator gets more wear and tear than any other appliance. It quickly starts to go from wow to not now very quickly. Instead of looking at a bland and boring refrigerator, here are five ideas for a makeover that your family will be sure to love.

  1. Create A DIY Paint Job

If you want to reinvent your kitchen décor, painting your refrigerator is an ideal way to do it. It takes a boring white fridge and turns it into a bright focal point.

Chalkboard paint is also an innovative invention for many reasons. Not only will it recreate a stunning refrigerator surface, but it is a great way to turn those boring appliances into a fun family affair. You can also use the leftover paint for fun children’s activities.

Chalkboard paint works well on metal, wood, drywall, concrete, and masonry which means that after you refinish your fridge, you can do a little maintenance to other areas that need a bit of sprucing up. It is also easy to clean as it just takes soap and water

  1. Use Fridge Magnets For A Family Keepsake

Some families like to pick-up magnets from vacations or local shops which are ideal for those who want to start a refrigerator transformation project. Not only can you create keepsakes of family trips, but it also elevates the plain exterior surface of the fridge.

  1. Use Fridge Decal Wraps To Commercialize Your Kitchen’s Look

Do you want to modernize your refrigerator’s look? If so, decals are the way to go. From your favorite drink to retro-chic, decals revitalize a kitchen with a simple makeover look. Need some inspiration? Visit Etsy to take a look at affordable ways to use decals.

  1. Add Your Favorite Magnetized Photos

I am sure you have lots of family photos everywhere, but have you thought about turning your favorites into magnetized refrigerator images? Your family’s bright smiles will be the first thing you and your guests will see when you enter, so it will turn a blah kitchen into a keepsake vision with just a few treasured photos.

  1. Go Vintage

Have you ever thought about using wood accents to create a vintage refrigerator look? Blogger Troix Petites Filles turned her modern shabby-chic refrigerator into a French vintage-inspired piece of artwork.  Not only can you use her inspiration with your fridge, but you can also use the same technique throughout your home to completely redecorate. If you are unsure of which vintage look you want, here are four primary dated designs.

  • Antique: You will identify this look with its older, handcrafted aesthetic.
  • Mid-Century: This era took on geometric shapes and clean furniture lines.
  • Retro: This era is all about bright colors, garish pieces, and interesting shapes.
  • Vintage: This concept refers to anything from modern to century-old

Are you inspired yet? If you would like to find out more about refrigerator makeovers, please follow our blog here. If you need additional advice, give us a call at 781-953-9600.