How To Remove And Replace A Dishwasher Safely

If you dislike washing dishes, then you probably treasure your dishwasher. While repairs are the most likely solution because of lifecycle value, there will come a time when you must remove and replace a dishwasher. Here are good reasons to swap your dishwasher including the how-to.

Top Reasons To Remove And Replace A Dishwasher

  1. Energy Efficiency

Many American families are upgrading their appliances to energy efficient models which will save you more than 12% in energy and 30% in water (compared to older models that cost appliance owners $35 more annually and waste up to ten gallons of water per usage). Not only will you get an Energy Star tax credit, but you will become more eco-friendly.

  1. Continued Repair Expenses

While maintenance and repair should always be your first line of defense in appliance longevity, continued dishwasher repair expenses will become problematic when they reoccur too frequently. Eventually, you will question the value of a repair or replacement. You will be able to sell or recycle an old dishwasher to offset the cost of a new appliance.

  1. Wear-And-Tear

If your dryer is nearing the end of its lifecycle, it makes more sense to replace than repair because of the cost of parts and labor. It is a smart consumer decision when you find cracks, water leaks, or mold that will lead to structural damage or electrical hazards.

  1. Convenience

Smart home technology is on-trend, so it makes excellent sense to upgrade because of conveniences. Dishwashers are now better designed with 3-D spray-arms and adjustable trays that make loading and unloading more convenient. Smart home integration also has features that allow you to start a cycle or monitor a wash or dry cycle remotely by an app.

  1. Damage To Floor From Rusting Metal

A tell-tale sign it is time to replace a dishwasher is finding rusty metal flakes on the floor. Not only will it eventually damage your floor’s finish, but it will require pricey repairs.

How To Remove And Replace A Dishwasher

Removing a dishwasher is an easy DIY project, but if you lack wiring or plumbing knowledge, it is a great idea to call CS Appliance Service to remove and replace a dishwasher professionally.


  • Turn the power off at the circuit breaker box.
  • Turn off the water valve under your sink or outside at the meter.
  • Remove the water supply line and drain the hose into a bucket.
  • Take away the bottom paneling on the dishwasher.
  • Disconnect the electrical wiring from the electrical box.
  • Unscrew the dishwasher from the counter or cabinet and pull it out of its opening.
  • Based on local building codes, you may be required to install a new electric outlet box.
  • Reinsert your new dishwasher and reconnect the water line and hose to its supply source.
  • Run and reattach the drain pipe, supply line, and electrical line under the sink.
  • Slide the dishwasher all the way into place and adjust the feet accordingly.
  • Attach the screws to the cabinet or countertop.
  • Turn back on the electric and water and check to see if it is working correctly.

So, don’t go back to washing dishes by hand because of a worn out dishwasher. Call us to schedule a service call at (781) 953-9600 or send us a message on our Facebook page here.