Identifying Dryer Problems & Solutions

You probably depend on your clothes dryer every day, especially if you have children. A problem with your dryer can threaten your usual routine and has the potential to become a significant hassle. Before you resort to hanging wet clothes up all over your home, read on to learn about common dryer problems and solutions you can attempt before contacting us at CS Appliance Service for assistance. Most of the tips and fixes here apply whether you have a gas or electric model.

In general, there are a few tips to prevent your dryer from experiencing problems. Always clean your lint filter out completely after each use. Inspect your dryer’s output valve at least once a month to ensure there isn’t a build-up of lint or other debris, and clean out any that you find. This will not only help your machine run optimally, but also prevent the risk of fire. You should also avoid overloading your dryer with large or extra bulky loads, which can damage the internal mechanism that operates the drum.

Issue: Dryer Making Excessive Noise

All dryers make a certain amount of noise from the tumbling action of the internal parts. If your dryer has started making odd, bothersome noises, it could be a sign of a problem. If it’s an older model that has seen a lot of use, it may be that the mechanic parts inside are beginning to wear down. An appliance repair technician can identify the issue and determine what repairs are needed to quiet the machine down.

Issue: Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

You may find yourself having to reset the cycle multiple times to get one load of clothes dry. Or running every load on the longest cycle regardless of size. If your clothes are taking too long to dry, ensure that the lint filter is thoroughly cleaned first. Your dryer depends on the free flow of air through the machine in order to get everything inside completely dry.

Issue: Dryer Won’t Heat Up

One of the most common problems regarding clothes dryers and also one of the most frustrating, in this case your dryer runs but gets only warm or doesn’t heat up at all. Start by making sure that your lint filter is completely empty. Also make sure that your loads of laundry aren’t too big. In most cases, a service tech will have to investigate to determine the issue preventing your dryer from reaching a normal hot temperature. It may be an issue with the gas supply valve, if your dryer runs on gas, or a burned out fuse or tripped circuit if your dryer is electric.

Issue: Dryer Won’t Start At All

If your dryer refuses to start period, there are a few things you can check before making a service call. Check the door latch to ensure that nothing is blocking it from shutting correctly, like a build-up of lint or residue. Your dryer’s start button may also have an obstruction preventing it from depressing properly. If you can’t determine a cause for the dryer ceasing operation, it’s probably time to make a service call. It may be an issue with an internal fuse or circuit breaker, depending on the make or model of your dryer.

Problems with your dryer don’t have to interfere with your routine. If yours is exhibiting one of the issues above and you haven’t determined a solution, count on the appliance repair professionals of CS Appliance Repair. One of our technicians can quickly discern the root of the problem and the best solution. Call us today at (781) 953-9600 or visit us on Facebook at