Important Washer And Dryer Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 15,970 American families experience residential fires annually from faulty washers and dryers. Thirteen fatalities and 444 injuries occur. Add to these statistics $238 million in property damage and costs are significant. Appliance casings and drive belts contribute to most washer fires while faulty installation and lint build-up were to blame for the dryer. NFPA found that the losses were preventable with routine maintenance. Here are the most important maintenance tips users need to know.

  1. Avoid Faulty Installation Issues

A primary reason why fires occur is improper installation techniques. Your washer and dryer should always be installed and serviced by a washer and dryer professional. The electric and gas lines need to be installed to prevent leaks and fire hazards. The vent also must have a clear path to the outside to allow for the safe removal of lint and moisture.

  1. Aging Parts And Wiring Are Not Visible Without An Interior Inspection

People who experience washer and dryer fires rarely know an issue exists since interior parts are not accessible for a visual inspection. If you have appliance knowledge, you can carefully remove the backs of the appliances for a proper inspection. You can also call our office to do a yearly inspection so that our techs can check for existing fire hazards.

  1. Always Clean The Lint Filter After Each Use

Lint builds up quickly which is why you should clean washer and dryer filters after each use. Lint is a highly combustible material. While it is most common in dryer fires, it is best to set in place a cleaning schedule that allows you to reduce energy consumption due to drying time and prevent the type of environment that is prime for house fires.

  1. Check Your Exhaust Duct And Vent Regularly

Regularly check the exhaust duct that connects to the vent. It is common for lint blockages to build up in the exhaust duct and vent which the dryer’s heat will quickly spark. As the duct is a vital part of proper usage, you might want to contact our technicians since improper removal and reattachment will alter proper usage.

  1. Teach Your Family About Safety Usage Tips

Most likely, every family member uses the washer or dryer which is why proper usage tip reminders are handy. Your family should know these tips before using either appliance so that they have a basic understanding of what to do before and after each use.

  • Never Overload These Appliances
  • Read The Operating Manual Before First Use If Unaware Of Model Features
  • Clean The Vents In Both Appliances Before Or After Every Use
  • Never Leave Items In The Washer Or Dryer When Sleeping Or Not At Home
  • Regularly Clean The Area Around Appliances To Remove Debris And Lint
  • Do Not Store Items Near Either Appliance
  • Do Not Wash Or Dry Items That Have Chemicals On Them

Safety is always our priority which is why we recommend that Massachusetts families get appliance check-ups annually.  We know firsthand the risks that occur when appliance owners put off maintenance checks. Schedule an appointment today at (781) 953-9600 or on Facebook.