Is A Landlord Or Tenant Responsible For Refrigerator Repairs In Massachusetts?

How much do you know about the Massachusetts landlord-tenant laws? It’s a topic that comes up when either a landlord or tenant has appliance malfunctions and requires repairs. A landlord’s responsibilities are written clearly in Massachusetts so that both the property owner and renter have rights. The statutes on appliance repairs vary, however, depending on who is responsible in the lease for providing and paying for upkeep. If you are experiencing issues, here is what you need to know about stove or refrigerator repairs and how we can help you get complete them.

What The Law Says About Stove Or Refrigerator Repairs

When it comes to rental property, there is a lot that people don’t know until they experience it. Who pays for appliance repairs and the time-frame they must complete it is one of them. There may also be local ordinances that affect who is responsible, but what is apparent is that this is an issue that both the landlord and the tenant should consider before agreeing to and signing a lease. Thankfully, we work with a host of landlords who work with us directly on all appliance repairs.

The state of Massachusetts says that landlords must provide a workable sink that can handle routine dish-washing tasks, an adequate stove with an oven, and the proper electrical outlets for refrigerators. The lease is a vital component as it can state the tenant is responsible for the stove as well, which means the tenant must also pay for its upkeep. If a landlord provides any of these appliances upon move-in, he or she is solely responsible for making stove or refrigerator repairs.

Otherwise, the tenant shall make all of the repairs and keep them in appropriate working order. The tenant can call the landlord only on when electrical issues are preventing them from working as they should. If you are unsure of your responsibilities, take a moment to read your lease and see what stipulations exist as it holds the most significant weight legally. If you do not have a leasing contract, you should do research. We provide stove and refrigerator repairs either way.

Landlord Appliance Repair Accounts At CS Appliance Service

One of the most stressful chores for landlords is when dealing with property appliance repairs. Not only is it time-sensitive, but it is inconvenient for tenants to be without working stoves or refrigerators. If you don’t have a regular appliance repair company, it can be overwhelming trying to find a reputable technician with affordable rates.  That is where we can help as we will save you time and money by setting up a property maintenance account for appliance repairs.

At CS Appliance Service, we have the industry experience, knowledge, and tools to provide comprehensive repairs. We also take into consideration that landlords or management companies require special attention when organizing with tenants or being on hand in a manner that doesn’t disrupt the day of the property owners or renters. Your tenant will be satisfied, and you will have peace-of-mind in knowing you can count on us for stove or refrigerator repairs when needed.

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