Is A Refrigerator Worth Repairing? Here Are 5 Things To Consider

Is a refrigerator worth repairing or should you replace it?  It is an important question every appliance owner needs to consider. The average lifespan of a refrigerator is fifteen years, so if you are not close to that end date, you should consider the value of calling a refrigerator repairman to give you an expert opinion on the best time to replace the one you own. While your refrigerator will not last forever, you do not want to replace before necessary as it is an expensive household expenditure. Here are five things to consider before you opt for a replacement.

  1. Age Of Your Refrigerator

The lifespan of your refrigerator is a critical factor you need to consider. Consumers who own side-by-side or freezer-top refrigerators will get about fifteen years out of a unit depending on the brand and model. Newer brands like single-door units last up to twenty years. Refrigerator repair service upkeep and maintenance will deter costly breakdowns.

  • Keep your refrigerator out of the direct sunlight to prevent drying of gaskets.
  • Do not house your refrigerator near appliances that produce high amounts of heat.
  • Do not push your appliance coils against the wall to prevent insulation damage.
  • Clean the coils, drip pan, and seals every month to prevent premature aging.
  1. Refrigerator Brand And Style

Another factor you must consider is the cost of refrigerator repair parts which will vary significantly based on the refrigerator brand and style you own. A Consumer Reports study recommends opting for repairs when a refrigerator is under half the shelf life years.

  • Side-by-side refrigerators are less than five years old.
  • Top-freezer refrigerators are less than six years old.
  • Bottom-freezer refrigerators are less than seven years old.

You should check your warranty to see if refrigerator repair service and parts are covered. It often covers the entire cost of service call repairs and replacements.

  1. Damage

What is the extent of your refrigerator damage? When you type in “refrigerator repair near me,” you need to consider the options since a lasting relationship with your repairman will ensure a longer lifespan of your appliances. The ability to be able to consult with a repairman will ensure you get an honest assessment of the need for a repair or a replacement. Your repairman will also help with maintenance that reduces costs.

  1. Repair Costs

Repair costs must be considered regardless of the age of your refrigerator. Experts recommend considering a replacement when the value of the refrigerator repair service surpasses half the value of the appliance. You also have to consider replacement if you experience multiple repairs and part failures that exceed half the value of your unit.

  1. Energy Efficiency

If your refrigerator was manufactured before the 1992 enactment of Energy Star initiatives that promoted energy efficiency, your unit is likely pulling too much power. Refrigerators under a decade are energy efficient and worth repairing if cost-effective.

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