Is the Detergent You are Using Damaging Your Dishwasher?

A lot of us have a trustworthy dish detergent we would swear by. But maybe, the price went up, it’s sold out or you want to be adventurous and try something new. Living in today’s economy, most try to save their pennies and may settle for a cheap product, which can totally be okay in some cases! But be cautious when shopping for detergent because some can take a toll on your dishwasher and the contents.

Some inexpensive products contain inferior cleansers and sand. What are inferior cleansers you ask? They’re basically poor-performing, cleaning agents that the company knows about but sadly are trying to save a dollar too. This takes a toll on your dishwasher over time with sediment build-up and your dishes probably aren’t as clean as you want them to be. Research the detergent! No one is going to judge you if you’re standing in front of the shelves scrolling through your phone.

Don’t overuse the detergent! If you add too much hoping for a spotless result, you will most likely end up with a film over the inside of the dishwasher and its contents. Due to a chemical reaction, the film will be close to impossible to remove off of your glassware. This is better known as etching, where the glass literally starts to get chipped away. So, just imagine the build-up created on the appliance itself.

Also, if you use one of the powder assortments of detergent, make sure it’s not getting clumpy. The clumps indicate it’s time to throw it out. It’s not going to do its job. Fun fact: liquid and gel detergents don’t expire.

Or maybe you’ve ran out of detergent and instead of making the daunting, inconvenient trip to the store, you just poured a little dish soap in the appliance and called it a day.  Don’t do that again. Dish soap is more concentrated than your detergent resulting in a lot of bubbles and a leaky dishwasher. In fact, detergent is designed to not make ANY bubbles. You’re ruining your pipes and clogging up parts that shouldn’t be clogged. Instead, take the ten minutes to wash the dishes by hand and swing by the store later to buy detergent.

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