Looking for All-In-One Washer Dryer Combos? Pros and Cons To Consider

All-in-one washer dryer combos are all the rage, but are they economical when it comes to space-saving, maintenance, or energy efficiency? Without a doubt, all-in-one washer dryer combos are technically sound investments, but how much will it cost you in monthly billing and natural resources to run it? If you are buying a washer dryer combo, here are the pros and cons.

All In One Washer Dryer Vs. Separate

Consumers want to know if all-in-one washer dryer combos are any good. What is the difference between this model and the separate models? It turns out there are major pros and cons with all three of the major design concepts. The stackable washer dryer unit is ideal for areas with limited space. The top-load washer is located below while the dryer is above. It lacks energy efficiency.

The individual washer and dryer units require about 54-inches in space. Most of these dryers also require ventilation which may be a bit more difficult in apartments or tight household areas. They are often more economical to run, however. The all-in-one washer dryer combo washes and dries your clothes in the same unit. While they save space, the drier requires longer dry time.

All In One Washer Dryer Reviews

There are 128 washer and dryer reviews on file at Consumer Affairs. Manufacturers like LG and Kenmore scored mostly well on the all in one washer dryer combo reviews. The washing cycle had excellent reviews while the drying component scored low for drying efficiency standards. As the temperature sensor determines when your clothes are dry, it is a pro that could ultimately save energy. For full loads, it could well run for an extended period which is not convenient.

All In One Washer Dryer Error Codes

With all things technically-based, all-in-one washer dryer error codes are problematic and require a bit of maintenance now and again. Luckily, these error codes help our technician determine the problem quickly, so you can get back to doing your laundry household chores. It can simply be something like an unclosed door, water not filling correctly, or servicing required. Take the time to look at your user manual so that you know when issues occur that require help.

All In One Washer Dryer Installation

While our experts at CS Appliance Service are all experts at all-in-one washer dryer installation, you may decide to take on this task yourself. Follow the necessary steps to ensure great results.

  • Fit in your all-in-one washer dryer into the correct space. While dimensions differ, the standard size for an all-in-one washer dryer combo is between 24 and 27 inches in width.
  • You must install your all-in-one washer dryer near a water source and drain. If you lack these resources, you need to call for a full installation service so that you are prepared.
  • All-in-one washer dryer combos also come in ventless models in which you will need to leave a bit of space around the appliance to ensure proper air supply ventilation.

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