Retro Refrigerators Are Trending, But Are They Worth It?

Refrigerators with a vintage vibe are increasing in popularity, but some consumers are buying the real things to create a home décor mood of an era long past. While antiques are usually durable and aesthetically charming, are they feasibly a good investment for an appliance? Here are a few smart tips to take into consideration before you make this type of costly investment.

  • Age Of Retro Appliance

The first electric refrigerator in American homes occurred in 1913 but lacked safety features like those made in the 1920s. By the mid-forties, most homes had refrigeration. Between 1930 and 1950, little innovation occurred, but the refrigerators are preferred today because of their durability and appearance. By the mid-century, new technology was on the rise, which is why you likely want to sidestep these models as changes like material usage and frost-free features make them less competent than their predecessors. One original idea that is sweeping retro remakes today is the dynamic colors that manufacturers introduced during this era, from sunshine yellow to avocado green, and are quite popular now with homeowners. Today, refrigerators are modernized, smart, and efficient, but they don’t seem to have the same wow factor of vintage models. So, if you’re googling ‘retro refrigerators near me,’ you might want to choose a modern appliance with a retro appearance to get the best of both worlds. If you are truly set on buying an authentic make and model,  look for one that meets all of your retro-grade wants and needs.

  • Vintage Refrigerator Condition

While it might seem like an inevitable part of shopping for a retro refrigerator, the condition goes far beyond the current look. Do your due diligence to ensure you are getting an appliance that is in good working condition. While it is reasonable to expect some wear and tear, you don’t want one on the verge of breaking down, unless you intend on investing in having your refrigerator repaired and restored. If the owner has renovated the unit, ask about the repair activities, safety features, part availability, and replacement.

  • Retro Refrigerator Function And Features

Perhaps one of the most noticeable and refreshing things about retro refrigerators that appeal to modern consumers is the décor-friendly features. Mainly present in refrigerators made before 1970, retro refrigerators had more durability because of material construction, efficiency, and functions like large handles, spacing, and extended height.

  • Likelihood Of Repairs

While dealers of vintage refrigerators often either make needed repairs or offer to perform them at cost, consumers who buy from private sellers need to consider the likelihood of repairs, both in short and long-term. First, you must verify that the parts for a specific make and model are still available or can be easily upgraded with similar ones. If the parts are available, you need to ensure they are easily accessible and affordable.

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