Self-Defrost Or Manual Defrost: Choosing The Right Freezer

There are generally two differences between self-defrost and manual defrost freezers. One will provide you with more time while the other is designed to save you money. This article will help you debate the question and decide on which one is more valuable to you and your family.

Benefits Of Self-Defrost Freezers

Self-defrost is also known as auto-defrost or frost-free to most consumers. Without a doubt, self-defrosting freezers are convenient. The most significant feature is a self-cleaning component which is available on most refrigerators and upright freezers. As it is an automatic defrost cycle, the owner will not have to worry about interference, so not having to clean it manually saves a lot of labor time. For the busy entrepreneur of homemaker, a self-defrost feature is practical.

Regarding a freezer’s functionality, a self-defrost unit will generally cost consumers more because of the availability of technology that reduces reliance on self-cleaning practices. If you intend to buy a self-defrosting freezer, you will need to do your homework since most freezer models do not advertise their most prominent features on the appliance labels or consumer purchase tags. While the price will signify additional features, self-defrost may not be included.

The self-defrost freezer (or frost-free) is programmed to cycle on and off intermittently to melt any ice that is present. This feature prevents ice from building up which is standard in manual defrost units. When the defrost feature kicks on, it disperses melted ice water via the small hose in the back of the refrigerator that runs to the drip tray on the bottom of the appliance. Another benefit of the self-defrost unit is that the water evaporates naturally, so you never have to drain.

 Manual Defrost Freezers

A manual defrost freezer is labor intense and time-consuming, but it is also much more affordable than the frost-free units. You lose the functioning and affordability factors in the defrosting technique since you must unplug the freezer, defrost it, clean it, and then plug in back in to allow it to reach its normal cooling temperature. When comparing the process, the frost-free unit saves you a lot of money because it continually remains at a consistent chilling temperature.

Self-Defrost Vs. Manual Freezers

While self-defrosting freezers are much more popular with consumers because of the added maintenance features, there are a few negative aspects that are important to discuss. First, the interior temperatures fluctuate, so the defrost feature works overtime to keep the air cold and consistent. It not only uses more power, but it is noisier when operating. The noise is a clear indication when there is a problem. Foods are more likely to freezer burn in self-defrost units.

Which Freezer Model Should Consumers Purchase?

As a consumer, you should analyze each model and feature on the market as they offer benefits to the operation, maintenance, energy efficiency, food preservation, and costs that are important to consider. What you won’t have to worry about is repairs to frost-free and manual freezers.


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