When your washing machine or dryer breaks down, you get a first-hand look at just how much you rely on the convenience of these appliances. Don’t get hung out to dry! CS Appliance Service understands your need to have these machines in top working order. We are available to troubleshoot your problems and repair the issue so your washer or dryer is back to optimal functionality.

A washing machine can break down and cause water leaks, damage clothes, not drain properly, or become unable to finish one or more of its cycles. Water problems can easily lead to damaged property and mold growth. A broken dryer can cause even more serious issues and become a fire hazard. If your clothes are too hot coming out of the dryer, or if they aren’t thoroughly dried, it’s time to call a professional.

At CS Appliance Service, we stay informed of industry trends with trained technicians who can repair all brands of laundry machines, both gas and electric. A machine in need of repair can make your dirty laundry pile up rather quickly. Rather than haul your clothes to a laundromat or buy a new appliance, give us a call. We’ll diagnose the problem and evaluate the situation. Our honest, up-front pricing with no hidden fees will help you understand your best course of action: buy a new washer or dryer or let us repair the machine. In most all cases, the repair path is the most affordable and will allow you to keep your appliance, rather than sending it to the dump.

Along with washer and dryer repairs, we are available for routine maintenance. Proper care of your appliances keeps them in top-notch condition. Both residential and commercial customers can expect only the best from our team.

Call CS Appliance Service for installation services, repair services, or maintenance. We serve the Greater Boston and North Shore area for all of their washer and dryer emergency repair needs. Let us help you get your machines up and running again.