You use your fridge every day without much thought to keep your food fresh…until something goes wrong. Then it can be a major inconvenience that ends up costing you when you have to throw out spoiled groceries. The problem can even escalate to the point where you need a need refrigerator. However, there are warning signs you can look for that suggest your fridge is not operating optimally. If caught early, problems with your refrigerator can often be repaired by skilled technicians like those at CS Appliance Service.

Many times, an issue with your refrigerator can be traced back to the compressor fan. The compressor fan is a crucial component, as it compresses the refrigerant and sends it out to cool the interior of the unit. The parts of the compressor, such as the motor or fan itself, can wear out and break down, causing many issues. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following issues, often a faulty or failing compressor is the culprit.

Your food is starting to go bad faster.

This is the sign that people often notice fast. You recall leftovers lasting for days in your fridge, but now it seems like saved food is going bad overnight. The same goes for produce, which is suddenly inedible days after you purchase it. If you notice these problems, or that items you retrieve from the fridge feel room temperature to the touch, it’s not your imagination. This is the time to call a professional repair technician, like those at CS Appliance Service. Spoiled food could be a sign of an internal thermostat going on the fritz, or that the compressor fan is not circulating the air properly.

Your freezer is icing over too much.

The opposite problem occurs when the contents of your freezer look like an arctic wasteland. You may even notice ice on the walls of your fridge, and even frost on your food, especially items stored near the back. Make sure first that your fridge is not over-crowded to allow for sufficient airflow. If that’s not an issue, and you find yourself having to scrape ice off of food in the freezer, it may be a sign that a new condenser is needed.

Your fridge is making funny noises.

A normal fridge, especially one manufactured in the last 10 years, should be fairly quiet at all times. If your fridge suddenly seems to be emitting a rattling or buzzing noise, or starts to cycle on and off rapidly, that signals abnormal operation. A call to a repair service, such as CH Appliance Service, is your best bet. These odd noises could also be a sign of a faulty compressor fan. Clicking sounds are a sign that the compressor fan is failing because it’s shutting off when it overheats. Or the condenser’s motor may be wearing out.

It’s always a good idea to take proactive steps when one of your appliances starts acting up. If you notice your fridge displaying one of the signs above or other unusual behavior, put in a call to CS Appliance Service at 781-953-9600. We can help you figure out the issue fast, before you have to toss out all of your groceries. For more helpful tips, visit us on Facebook at