Tips to Maintain Your Dishwasher

Ever had to wash dishes by hand? Not like a few dishes, but like an entire sink full of dishes leftover from a huge holiday dinner? No one likes or wants to spend hours standing over a sink scrubbing food off dinner plates which is why we have this amazing appliance called a dishwasher. This beautiful invention saves us so much time when cleaning our kitchen. It also saves you tons of money on your water bill since it requires less than a sink full of water to get that fine china clean.

Why should you Regularly Maintain Your Dishwasher?

There are many important reasons why you should regularly maintain your dishwasher aside from having to do the dishes yourself. These include:

  • Avoid costly repairs
  • Avoid days without your dishwasher
  • Save money on your water bill
  • Extend the life of your dishwasher
  • Avoid water damage

Don’t be left standing at the sink with your hands in the air, schedule a maintenance check for your dishwasher today!

How to Regularly Maintain Your Dishwasher

By performing regular maintenance on your dishwasher, yourself, you can stop a problem before it leads to an untimely breakdown. Many of these regular maintenance tasks can be incorporated into your regular cleaning schedule.

  • Run a cup of vinegar through an empty cycle This will not only clean your dishwasher but will deodorize it as well.
  • Check sprayer arms for clogs A dishwasher works by spraying water onto the dishes. If the sprayer arms are clogged, enough water will not come out to clean your dishes leaving you with more work in the end.
  • Check gaskets on door A faulty gasket can lead to a leaky dishwasher causing water damage, mold, and By cleaning the gasket regularly, you can spot when its time to replace it before it begins to leak.
  • Check filters The filters help to catch food particles, as well as aid in the cleaning process. Check filters every few months during a cleaning session.
  • Remove racks and check for food bits in tracks Leaving food bits in the dishwasher can lead to bacteria growth which will impact the cleanliness of your dishes.

What to Look for While Cleaning

Cleaning your dishwasher is the best time to catch a small or major issue. Not all problems can be found during cleaning so while the dishwasher runs you should also pay attention to the sounds this appliance makes while running. Things to look out for are:

  • Noisy: could be caused by a pump hosing bad, or because the arm bearings are worn out.
  • Does not fill with water: usually a problem with the water inlet valve, door switch, or float switch.
  • Leaking dishwasher: usually caused by a bad gasket. This can lead to mold, rise in your water bill, and expensive water damage to your home.
  • Not drying dishes properly: Typically caused by faulty water filters and gaskets
  • Doesn’t start: could be door latch, switch, or motor relay.
  • Doesn’t release detergent: Usually an issue with the timer, wax motor, or bi-metal release.

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