Regular maintenance of your stove is a daily chore. More importantly, though, it also extends your stove’s efficient operations and prevents costly repair services. Maintenance also removes harmful buildups that contribute to carbon monoxide emissions which goes far beyond the importance of appliance maintenance safety practices. Our experts have developed these top maintenance tips for your gas stove so that you keep it in tip-top shape.

Daily Usage Tips Worth Investing Your Time

  • Always remember to wipe off the top of your stove after every use.
  • Do not attempt to clean around the burners until cooled completely.
  • Carefully remove the burners and grates to soak and clean them with soapy water.
  • Only use a mild abrasive cleaner to remove dried cooking spatter.
  • Rinse and dry all parts before restoring them on the stove.
  • Do not forget to look inside the stove surface for additional spatter buildup.
  • Only use a pipe cleaner to clean out the clogged burner holes.
  • Take care to replace the burners. The burner hold must line up with the gas flame. If not installed correctly, the flames will not ignite correctly.

Things You Should Never Do With Your Gas Stove

  • Do not ever pour water on your gas stove. First, water may prevent proper usage. Second, if it is during a small cook stove fire, water causes oil to burn more which will lead to a host of other issues rather than maintenance. Salt is a much more effective solution.
  • Never use a wooden stick to clean the burner holes. It will attract oils and food which will cause a blockage to occur. It will also cause a dangerous reaction with fire and wood.
  • Never use liquid sprays since it will damage your stove’s control panel.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning pads since it will damage your stove aesthetically.
  • Remove the knobs and clean accordingly. They are easy to reattach.

Ways To Maintain Your Rangehood

  • Change your air filter when needed as it will quickly build up with smoke, oil deposits and food particles. You may have either charcoal or metal filter which are both easily removable for cleaning or replacing. While you can use a degreaser or household cleaning spray on the range’s hood, you should still avoid abrasive cleaning components.
  • Regular observation of your hood’s vent is advisable. To clean it, we suggest you contact us at CS Appliance Service as we will clean it thoroughly to prevent potential fires.
  • Your fan motor was built to last, so you should not have to worry about maintenance. When cleaning, we advise you to take notice and call us if you notice any inconsistencies.

To prevent any issues from occurring, clean your blades to remove grease. Wash the exterior surface when cleaning your stove top with warm water.  Check the vent often. Clean the filter as well. By following these tips, your stove top and vent hood will stand the test of time. If you would like to schedule a stovetop and hood maintenance service, call us at 781-953-9600.