Washing Machine Repairs You Can Do

You’re not a washing machine repair tech. And, you didn’t buy one thinking washing machine repairs would be necessary. But there may come a time where your appliance isn’t working. Now you need to figure out what to do and how to fix it.

There are repairs you can do, but there are also instances where a specialist is a better choice. Trained repair technicians can assess the problem. They can then suggest the necessary repair and fix it.

Washing machine isn’t running.

Check the power cord first. Sounds silly but it’s quite possible it’s not plugged in or became loose. It also possible the cord became damaged. If the cord is damaged, you’ll want to contact a washing machine repair technician. It’s not safe dealing with electrical issues without proper training.

Machine not filling up.

If your machine doesn’t fill up it could be from a blockage. The hoses could have dirt in them stopping the water flow. The inlet screens may also be the problem. These small screens are part of the water inlet valve. Before cleaning them disconnect the power.

You may have a more serious problem if cleaning the inlet screens doesn’t fix the problem. It could be the water level or lid switches are not functioning. Or the timer or temperature selection stopped working. If these issues are the problem your washing machine repairs will need a technician. For your safety and patience contact a specialist to assist you.

No spin cycle.

An unbalanced load can stop the spin cycle. Did you put all your laundry in without even distribution? Adjust the load so it’s placed around the machine without piling it up in one part. If it still doesn’t spin there may be issues with the lid switch, drive belt or agitator that makes the machine spin.

Some Quick Washing Machine Repairs.

Not draining.

The drain hose is the culprit in most situations. Check to see if it’s clogged and clear it. If that doesn’t solve the draining issue, see if the drive belt is loose. Tighten it enough to continue to allow space for the airflow. Over tightening can restrict water flow so you’ll want to be careful how tight you make it.

A leaky machine.

A poor connection from the washer to the hoses causes leaking. Ensure the connection is tight. See if anything is blocking the pump stopping water flow. If it is clear it and this should correct the leaking.

Homeowners can handle these repairs if they have the time. Most of these problems involve clearing clogs and tightening hoses. When these quick fixes don’t solve the trouble reach out to a local washing machine repair service. It can be safer and quicker to hire a service get the problem fixed so you can use your machine again.

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