What’s That Sound? Strange Fridge Noises & When You Should Call a Professional

If you’ve had your fridge for a long time, you’re probably used to any noises it makes. But what if you notice a new, unusual noise? Or what if your brand new fridge is making a racket? In some situations, a service call may be in order, but how can you tell? This article will help you determine whether you should contact an appliance repair company, such as CS Appliance Service, for assistance.

While some newer models of refrigerators operate in virtual silence, most make a humming noise or other normal sounds during the course of their operation. Some additional sounds can occur when the elements that control the air temperature and circulation kick on. Other noises may alert you to problems that have developed.

Here is a list of various sounds your refrigerator may be making and why, to help you identify which sounds to expect and which may be abnormal and cause for attention.

  • Whirring: Your fan may rev up occasionally when it detects a temperature fluctuation, such as when the door has been left open for several minutes. This is normal and probably happens frequently. On an older model, this sound may gradually become louder as the mechanical parts inside age.
  • Clicking: An occasional clicking noise may be audible when the temperature control switches the fan on. If your freezer has a defrost feature, clicking could also be due to the defrost timer. If your fridge is equipped with an ice maker, a clicking noise might indicate an issue with the water line valve, which requires inspection.
  • Rattling: A rattling noise that emanates from below your fridge is probably due to a loose drip pan. This can usually be secured by hand. A rattling noise inside the fridge may indicate something caught in the air circulation fan.
  • Gurgling: An occasional gurgling sound is normal, caused by the refrigerant inside boiling before it circulates through the system.
  • Squealing: High-pitched squealing is a sound that you shouldn’t ignore. Squealing is an indication that one of the fans is working too hard or wearing down. This will prevent the air in your fridge from being properly cooled until the offending part is changed.
  • Knocking: Loud, intermittent knocking is also a cause for concern. This noise is often a warning sign of a failing condenser, which will need to be professionally replaced.

If a new sound is accompanied by obvious performance problems, such as an inability to stay cold or food spoiling faster than usual, it’s probably time to enlist a professional before the situation gets worse. Fans, in particular, tend to wear down and need to be replaced. At CS Appliance Service, our professional repair technicians have many years of experience diagnosing operational problems with refrigerators and recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for each individual situation.

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