Why Speedy Oven Repair Is Vital

When your over poops out in the midst of baking a pizza or grilling chicken, you might just resort to using the toaster oven to get dinner done. Avoid the temptation to limp along using the microwave, toaster oven and take out. You really need to get the oven fixed and we’re not just saying that because we repair ovens.

Dangers of a Broken Oven

Whether electric or gas, your broken oven creates a danger. If a fire occurs due to the oven disrepair, your insurance company could refuse to cover your losses. Here’s why.

Electric oven: A malfunctioning or broken oven creates an electrical hazard. There could be a wiring fault, but you won’t know until a qualified repair person looks at the oven and its electrical wiring.

Gas oven:  Call the gas company as soon as a gas oven stops working. Have the gas company turn off the service until the oven gets fixed.

Temperature control: A malfunction in temperature control can tempt you to turn the thermostat all the way up to get the oven warm enough. This creates a burn hazard.

Rust inside the oven: Rust forming on the inside of the oven presents a health hazard. It also signals that you need to replace the oven. The interior oven rust can fall into your food. Bits of corroded metal can fall into the food, too. Enough rust over time can develop a bacterium that causes rust sickness. Someone could choke on the metal bits.

Repair or Replace

CS Appliance Service can help you determine whether it makes more sense to repair or replace the oven. We’ll provide you an estimate of the cost of each, so you can make an informed decision. We handle both repairs and installations.

A simple matter like cracked glass, presents an easy fix. A door replacement costs little and restores your oven.

Other matters indicate appliance shopping time. Problems with the appliance’s wiring number among the reasons to replace. Faulty parts and factory recalls are two others.

Here’s another consideration: it might cost a $50 part plus labor to fix the current problem but if we see a lot of issues building, our technician will tell you. A cheap fix now won’t stay cheap if you have to follow it up with multiple repairs in the next few months. We’d rather you and your family remain safer. Buy the new oven and have us install for you.

Call CS Appliance Service

We offer emergency repair services so don’t worry if tomorrow is your big dinner party. Our technician will provide a clear, written estimate of the repair cost with no hidden fees. We’ll also give you a ballpark figure on the cost of a new oven. Separately, we’ll provide a written estimate of our installation fee.

When your oven goes haywire, call CS Appliance Service at (781) 953-9600. We serve the greater Boston metro area and we’ll help you determine if oven repair or replacement makes more since and help get you cooking again. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about our commercial and residential appliance repair services located in Charlestown, MA.